Treatment Laser
Type Diode pumped solid-state, mode-locked
Center wavelength 1030 (±5nm)
Pulse energy 1 - 10µJ
Pulse duration <600fs
Pulse rep. rate 120kHz ±5%, with integer down sampling when modulated on
CDRH laser class (21 CFR 1040) Class 4
Numerical aperture -2 ≥ 0.125 (e )
Scan field, lateral, max ≥14mm diameter, telecentric
Video Imaging
Type Monochrome CCD
Frame rate >24 frames per second
Field of view 17mm +0/-1mm DIA
Illumination 735nm ±10 nm LED array, variable brightness
Optical resolution <40µm
Type Spectral domain
Center wavelength 820 – 930nm, CW
Resolution, lateral 15µm or better at focus
Resolution, axial 30µm or better
CDRH class (21 CFR 1040) Class 3R
ANSI Z136.1 Class 1
Patient Interface – Aqueous Contact (LIQUID OPTICS Interface)
Contact element Sterile buffered saline solution, such as Alcon BSS (Alcon P/N
351/55005-1) or equivalent (not supplied).
Inner diameter 12.0mm (LIQUID OPTICS Interface-12)
Fixation method Annular vacuum flange onto sclera
Suction ring seal material Medical grade silicone elastomer
Vacuum pressure 300 – 700mmHg (gauge)
Electrical Requirements 
Voltage 200 – 240 VAC
50/60 Hz single-phase 15A
Environmental Requirements (Operating) 
Room condition 59 – 89.6°F (15 – 32°C)
Up to 80% @ 89.6°F (32°C) non-condensing
Operating Environment Temperature controlled environment with temperature controlled to
within ±3.6°F (±2°C)
Environmental Requirements (Non-operating)
Maximum altitude Standard commercial shipping altitude
Temperature range 14 – 131°F (-10 – 55°C)
Maximum humidity Up to 80% @ 131°F (55°C) non-condensing
Physical Characteristics 
Height 1.15m ±.025m
Length 1.64m ±.025m
Width 0.87m ±.025m
Weight 340kg (750lbs)
Optical NOHD 0m
Laser Safety Eyewear Not required
Display GUI: touch-screen, flat panel
Power cable length ≥8.2 ft (2.5m), detachable